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Biotropica 3: Enright, N. The effects of logging on the regeneration and nutrient budget of Araucaria cunninghamii dominated tropical rainforest in Papua New Guinea.

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Litter production and nutrient partitioning in rainforest near Bulolo, Papua New Guinea. The Araucaria forests of New Guinea.

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In: Gressitt, J. Editor : Biogeography and ecology of New Guinea. Monographiae Biologica The ecology of Araucaria species in New Guinea I. Ordination studies of forest types and environments. Australian Journal of Ecology 7: Pattern in the distribution of young and mature individuals and light requirements of seedlings. Population dynamics of sample stands. Escolano, J. Printing and writing paper from three year old kaatoan bangkal.

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Forpride Digest 3 : Eusebio, T. A note on the optimal time for ground collection of Gmelina arborea. Evans, J. Long term productivity in tropical and subtropical plantations. Gramedia, Jakarta.

Plantation forestry in the tropics. Fahlman, R. Investigation 50, Research Plot Pinus oocarpa provenance trial: establishment report.

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Forest Research Report No S. Forest Department Sarawak. FAO, Standard nomenclature of the exportable timbers of the Asian Pacific Region. FAO, Rome. World symposium on man made forests and their industrial importance. Guidelines for the improved utilization and marketing of tropical wood species. Data book on endangered forest tree species and provenances.

Tree flora of Indonesia. Check list for Sulawesi

Manual of forest inventory, with special reference to mixed tropical forests. FAO Forestry Paper The Tropical Forestry Action Plan. Committee on Forest Development in the Tropics. Data book on endangered tree and shrub species and provenances. FAO Forestry Paper 7.

Farjon, A. Pines: drawings and descriptions of the genus Pinus.

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Flora Neotropica various editors , Flora of Tropical East Africa various editors , Balkema, Rotterdam, Brookfield. Florido, H.

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Technical Publication No 8.

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Forestry Division, Ministry of Natural Resources, Major species. Timber booklet No 1. Solomon Island Timbers. Government Printing Office, Honiara. Almaciga resin. Forpride Digest 7 : Fosberg, F. Revision of Albizia sect. Pachysperma Leguminosae Mimosoiseae. Reinwardtia 7: Fox, J. The growth of Gmelina arborea Roxb. Commonwealth Forestry Review Some data on the growth of Anthocephalus cadamba Roxb.

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