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It starts with awakening the inner fire through the use of Bhramari Pranayama humming bee breath.

The Practice of Nada Yoga: Baird Hersey (Burlington)

Chanting has been used in all cultures for thousands of years to uplift the spirit and activate certain archetypal energies within the self. It can be from any tradition but it should be one you feel comfortable with. When you chant, you raise the vibration of the whole physiology. Whenever you chant, chant fully.

Open your heart, open your throat, chant with your whole body; lose yourself to the chant. Ultimately you are chanting to our own soul—the divinity within you. As everything in the universe is sound or vibration, a disharmony in one of those sounds or a break in the unfolding of the sequence of sounds, leads to discomfort, disease, and a loss of wholeness. For example, if one musician in an orchestra is playing off key, there is a loss of harmony in the whole piece of music.

You can correct that by having a second musician stand next to the first one and play the correct notes. Just by hearing the correct notes, the first musician will automatically begin playing correctly. Similarly, if there is a disharmony in your physiology, and you know the correct vibration for that area, you can begin to correct the imbalance by chanting or toning that sound. For example, if you have a problem with your eyes, and you know the sound relating to the eyes, you can activate the healing process for that area by chanting that sound silently or aloud and directing the vibration into the area of the eyes.

Bells, gongs, or bowls that have a clear ring when struck can be used for balancing and clearing energy. Unless a metal bell, gong, or bowl has been tuned to a specific frequency, they can only be used for general purposes. Crystal bowls are manufactured to specific vibrations, usually to the vibration of one of the chakras.

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They can be used for general balancing and clearing as described above or played in front of the specific chakra, with your attention on that chakra. There are mantras for just about anything you can imagine. There are mantras to restore health, bring wealth, change the weather, remove problems, cure snake bites, welcome a new baby, and create peaceful coexistence, just to mention a few.

The Chopra Center offers classes in Primordial Sound Meditation , where students receive a mantra that relates to the sound or vibration of the universe at the time of their birth. Silently repeating this sound draws the awareness inwards to transcend the external world and merge with the non-local value of existence that was there at the moment of birth. This reconnects you with your true self, an infinite, immortal field of pure consciousness. You can learn your personal mantra from any Chopra-certified Primordial Sound Meditation instructor. In the Vedic tradition of India, mantras are often associated with a particular deity and by chanting the mantra you activate the archetypal energies associated with that deity.

By chanting these mantras, you are simply activating the energies already lying dormant within you. Lord Shiva is considered to be the first yogi and this mantra activates the pure silence, pure awareness, and pure potentiality within you. This great Shiva mantra is to prevent untimely death, physical ill health, fear, sorrow, and depression. It helps to create universal peace, gives energy and zeal, removes ignorance, and destroys anger, selfishness, and vengeful thoughts.

It is said that all sickness is really home sickness. For those of you on a spiritual journey, your cure is to return home to you true self. After eons of wandering, you remember that you are and always have been an enlightened being. The Gayatri mantra is the one for enlightenment. There are many recordings of these mantras, which can help you learn them. Play, chant, listen, meditate, be open to the great silence, and enjoy the blessings of the magnificent, eternal symphony that surrounds you.

Nothing said here is intended as a cure in itself. Please always consult your own healthcare provider when facing challenges in your life. Search form Search. How to Use Sound to Heal Yourself. By Roger Gabriel Raghavanand. Nada Yoga In the Vedic tradition, sound vibration is known as Nada. Humming Bee Breath Sit comfortably with your spine erect and close your eyes.

NADA YOGA - The Yoga Of Sound

Close your ears with either your index or middle fingers. It is equally a philosophical system, a medicine, and a form of yoga. This concept holds that it is the sound energy in motion rather than of matter and particles which form the building blocks of the cosmos. In this context, sound [and] music carry a spiritual weight more meaningful, respectively, than what sensory properties normally provide.

It is also employed to raise the level of awareness of the postulated energy centers called chakra. Music has been used by most Indian saints as an important and powerful tool in the quest for the achievement of nirvana ; notable names to be mentioned here include Kanakadasa , Thyagaraja , Kabir , Meerabai , Namdeo , Purandaradasa and Tukaram. While the external music is conveyed to consciousness via sensory organs in the form of the ears, in which mechanical energy is converted to electrochemical energy and then transformed in the brain to sensations of sound, it is the anahata chakra , which is considered responsible for the reception of the internal music, but not in the way of a normal sensory organ.

The anahata concept refers to one's own personal sound vibrations, which are thought to be so closely associated with one's self and the Self that a person can not share their anahata with another human being. Such a process of inner awareness and sensitivity leads to increased self-recollectedness and finally to awakening. To concentrate on this inner sound as a support for meditation is very helpful to tame the mind, and when it has been clearly recognized, used for self-recollectedness in outer life as well.

Eventually, it can be experienced as penetrating all matter and indeed vibrates eternally throughout the Creation. The echoes produced by each of these spoken letters is a time where the yogi should immerse herself and rest.

What Is Nada Yoga? | Reality Sandwich

Yoga is used in "personal and social transformation" Timalsina Ajahn Sumedho , from the Thai Forest Tradition also teaches the practice of this inner sound. The condition known in western medicine as tinnitus is considered in Ayurvedic medicine to possibly be caused by spiritual awakening to the anahata.

Nada Bindu Upanishad.

Shurangama Sutra. In the Surangama Sutra, Avalokitesvara says that he attained enlightenment through concentration on the subtle inner sound.

The Buddha then praises Avalokitesvara and says that this is the supreme way to go. It is the pure Brahman Sound. It is the subdued murmur of the seatide setting inward. Its mysterious Sound brings liberation and peace to all sentient beings who in their distress are calling for aid; it brings a sense of permanency to those who are truly seeking the attainment of Nirvana's Peace. Jamgon Kongtrul — provides an important paradigm of salience for the esoteric Dzogchen doctrine of "sound, light and rays" Wylie: sgra 'od zer gsum and the 'mantra' of the Mantrayana tradition in particular, Kongtrul, et al.

The primordial indestructible great vital essence gdod ma'i mi shigs pa'i thig le chen po , which is the root or ground of all of cyclic life [samsara] and perfect peace [nirvana], is known as primordial gdod ma because it has no beginning or end; as indestructible mi shigs pa because it is indivisible; as vital essence thig le because it pervades the various appearances; and as great chen po because there is nothing that it does not encompass. The Mahasiddha Vinapa The Musician achieved mahamudra through contemplation of the unborn, unstruck sound:. I mastered the vina's errant chords; but then practicing the unborn, unstruck sound I, Vinapa, lost my self.

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The unstruck sound is the sound of silence and is the auditory equivalent of phenomenal emptiness. It is absolute sound; it is the potential sound of everything composed and waiting to be composed. Lost in this non-sound, the sense of self becomes infinitely diffused in emptiness. These quotes are from p. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.