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Historically, contrast or air enema was used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. However, ultrasound has become the standard diagnostic test. Physical examination is often unreliable for distinguishing cellulitis from an abscess requiring incision and drainage. Uncertainty if purulent material is present may result in needless drainage, a procedure that may require sedation in children.

Conversely, if an abscess is missed, the disease process may worsen, requiring additional ED visits.

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POCUS can accelerate diagnosis and treatment of pediatric patients with lower extremity pain, limp, or refusal to bear weight by evaluating for the presence of a hip effusion, and thus narrowing the differential diagnosis. POCUS has also been used to guide successful hip arthrocentesis in children. Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis HPS is the most common surgical cause of vomiting in infants.

Pneumothoraces are associated with high morbidity and mortality in neonates, particularly in those who are critically ill, preterm or require ventilation. This innovative use of ultrasound to rapidly identify and treat a potentially life-threatening disorder in newborns highlights the power of this versatile bedside technology to take the practice of PEM to a higher level.

It is anticipated that as pediatric care providers and hospitals are increasingly integrating POCUS into practice, growth of applications and implementation will be exponential. With ultrasound at the bedside, PEM physicians are ideally equipped to diagnose and manage pediatric patients more accurately, safely, and efficiently. Author bio: Jennifer R. View our policies by clicking here.

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"The Ultrasound Looked Fine": Point-of-Care Ultrasound and Patient Safety

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The device is a significant timesaver in addressing very focused questions, rather than sending a patient for, say, a CT scan, Norman explained. Cost and time constraints in PA programs are key factors that until now have worked against point-of-care ultrasound instruction.

For a four-week, hour course Krackov led for its PA students last summer, Nova Southeastern rented a dozen machines. The course included lectures, reading assignments, and practice time for scanning. All 62 students in the PA program participated in the voluntary course. Rachel Johnson, a Nova Southeastern student, had, with Ghali, proposed the summer course because she recognized its applicability in her career.

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Norman takes a similar view. A family practice or a dermatology clinic should have an ultrasound program. The ultrasound can quickly give the patient an answer and give the feedback to the provider on which way the treatment plan is progressing.

Pocket Guide to POCUS: Point-of-Care Tips for Point-of-Care Ultrasound

As training in point-of-care ultrasound is becoming more widespread in medical schools, PA programs can help their students keep pace, several interviewees stated. Is a clot there? Is there a bowel obstruction? A radiologist she worked with suggested that Krackov get credentialed in ultrasound use, and she did — as a registered vascular specialist.

Krackov believes that the credentialing helped her. The patient came in distressed and short of breath. An x-ray revealed a whitened lung — possibly pneumonia.

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Krackov then performed a thoracentesis and used the ultrasound to position a needle to drain the fluid. As to Monti: He went on to do doctoral research on the ultrasound, and taught medics and even food-service inspectors to use the device.

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