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What Tobias Wolff gets and the frauds don’t.

He keeps asking through his characters? Where is the breaking point? To what extent are we trapped and to what extent are we free? As each small drama warily circles these questions, the book? Here are some of the conditions, Wolff seems to say; here is some of the recipe for a small disaster, both awful and cathartic. And it might be argued that his treatment of the subtle motions that can impel significant ends is nothing more than the universal foundation of a certain kind of fiction.

It might be argued that it? In fact, it is the everyday quality of the ingredients and recipes that makes these stories great. Each tale is delivered in spare, precise prose, and many return us to the spectacle of small slights, subtle cruelties — that in turn lead one character to hurt herself or another to abandon someone he once said he would love. At their best, this simplicity is elevated to the level of the parable.

Our Story Begins

Who will hurt whom, and how and when? The dynamic between Pete — wealthy, materialist, and resentful — and Donald — lost, spiritualized, and hapless — both echoes and unsettles the story of the Prodigal Son.

Some insoluble unease hovers between the two brothers, while Wolff leaves the question uneasily open: Which character is living the right way? And which is not? And it?

Our Story Begins: New and Selected Stories - The Barnes & Noble Review

But where do those kinds of stories begin? But it happened and people survived as they survived even worse things. And how can he know the difference? Is it braver to keep someone by your side whom you can blame for your failures or to cut free and risk learning you might fail anyway, without them? In these stories of hope, disappointment and rationalization, Wolff shows that more than 30 years after he published his first story, his writerly instinct remains vital, hardy and basically unchanged — deeply sourced in the well of its first origin.

Our Story Begins: New and Selected Stories

He was with her on a blanket in a moonlit clearing or in a car parked above the river with Ray Charles on the radio The resemblance made him homesick; it was that close. The story begins and ends at the same place. I need no further encouragement! I love the Early Stories collection.

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What Wolff knows

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