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This must be the greatest non-fr milestone ever. AHhh Simply in the Mind! Very good Classix demo.

Wow - this demo rocks! Highend ECS stuff and great soundtrack!!! This is the shit! Awsome for Thanks for the excellent video hellfire! After all this years, still rules! Still remember my jaw drop when seeing Hardwired for the first time, lots and lots of years ago. This demo was insane! I wonder if the raytraced part was actually raytraced or if they used some sort of cheating Still awesome though. I have to say that this is unbelievable But that's no cheating, at least no one who was around back in the day would've thought it had been realtime ;.

Deserves its reputation.

Hailey Knox - Hardwired (Official Audio)

Has a kind of roots feeling attached to it. One could say it was made on a miggy at first glance. Here's my thumb. Raytraced of course :. Great demo!

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Fantastic parts, if you listen closely in the beginning and think of Unreal, you'll hear a small rip by Purple Motion I think. Very good ecs stuff. Many nice ideas. Amazing demo, really took things to another level back then. About the intro - are all the pictures digicapped from some movie, and if so which one? Looks really, really professional any way.

I'm quite pissed off because of the music rip. This is Panther by Whittaker. Nothing else. How many graphics, music, code were ripped this way? That's really frustrating. It's important for the demoscene to do some soul-searching sometimes and this side is the dark one. So piggy.

I've never thought it sucks though. Think about if you'd desscribe every effect that way today.. The art-stuff of course is timelessly nice! I was sure that I'd thumped this up years ago.. I still watch it on my A every now and then. I simply don't have enough thumbs for that. And that for two floppy's 1,44 MB max all time classic! This demo has it all: style, great effects, massive content, beautiful graphics, amazing music and huge dosage of pure awesome.

Rulez so hard. Good stuff From that moment on I was totally hooked!

Rewatched this the other day. Still impressive I must say. Vimeo Video for non Amiga owners. The Spy seems to be a incredible coder. Hardwired is like the monolith from A Space Odyssey. Untouchable yet endlessly inspiring. No need to explain why I like it. Great stuff! Cube side transforming into a Hardwired logo, the wireframe object transforming into different object in an unusual way rule!

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Of course there are more cool effects but these are the ones that i think about if someone asks me the question what's your favorite effect in Harwired. Also the music and most of the effects rule! This demo is so awesome i forgot my mind. Just one of the best demo, a real shock when it was released.

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  • But it's only in all time top, this is not high enough! This demo is legendary and a classic. Story-driven, excellent presentation and gfx, haunting music, splines, my favorites are the twister and chess-valley scene for some reason Pure classic, and clearly deserve the first place at the TP91! Kid-Ball production rulez! For me the immortal definition of being an Amiga OCS demo. I'll never forget when I frist saw it. And the soundtrack still makes my skin crawl Wow, this is like a demo movie.

    I actually paid for this demo, as in 90s there was no internet to download from, dialing onto a BBS was unreal, I was too young for copy parties, and the only person in town who had a copy was that pirate who was charging for copying every single disk there were no copyright laws here yet.


    Epigenetic modulation of a hardwired 3D chromatin landscape in two naive states of pluripotency

    It was a version with corrupted loo animation, and due to my memory config it was crashing on the sponge scene - only lately I saw the whole thing. Surely a classic. Let's add a new "coup de coeur" for this masterpiece :. Quote: nothing special, tho One of the most groundbreaking and inspiring demos ever released on the Amiga Legendary, and one of the best demos ever. I wish I could thumb this up twice! I happen to know the track from his Amiga remix for the game Sidewinder -- came with the second-hand miggy I got in '89 :D. Happy anniversary! The first scene with the cockroach and stuff is excellent.

    The rest is the usual technical showoff which never ages well, but hey, back then it inspired people to do better. Great effects for its time. Music by Jesper Kyd!

    Hardwired | Mega Drive

    Fuckings to The Spy and Murphy for making me waste way too much time fixing their 48 faces glenz vector part. I learnt to hate this very demo with a passion. But it's still a masterpiece of course! This was the definitive demo for me, in the early days of my demomaking "career".. My first experience of demoscene outreach, and it worked very well :. The zax in this demo is my current favourite song -- yes, I even have it on my. MP3 player and listen to it multiple times a day!!!

    StingRay: filthy trick ;. Not flawless, but better than almost any of it's contemporaries. A trendsetter. Quote: StingRay: filthy trick ;. Sweeeet - never gets old So let's push it the way it deserves : This is still so awesome in many ways. In my opinion Hardwired should have won the compo back in It had shown in which direction demos should go and they went. Amazing stuff. I remember being blown away by this at The Party ' Time to give it respect again.

    Really a masterpiece and still rulez! Lots of memories come with this demo.