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Unplugged The dark world of video game addiction. Ryan G Van Cleave Ph. For information about a diagnostic framework that describes both the deeper and surface levels of an individual's personality, emotional and social functioning, and symptom patterns, refer to the Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual. Children with ADHD often tend to extremes in their responses to the outside world.

They might be both oversensitive and undersensitive to stimuli--completely unable to tolerate certain clothing fabrics, for instance, yet able to sleep through prolonged periods of loud noises. In the face of anxiety, they might exhibit extreme, even violent agitation, or an otherworldly calm.

The triggers for these symptoms are biological, and medication is almost always part of the ADHD treatment. But the person with ADHD is after all a person, not just a disorder, a set of behaviors that annoy others, or a set of symptoms.

Bipolar Disorder or Spoilt Brat?

In psychoanalytic treatment, the analyst can help the person with ADHD understand how it has affected her development, her relationships, and her school or work life. The psychoanalyst can help identify problems in self-regulation as well as the unique capacities a person with ADD often has.

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In psychoanalytic treatment, the person with ADHD can develop a usable narrative about her own history, and a comprehensive understanding about her unique nervous system and its complex and delicate interplay with her life. Freud originally thought anxiety was a result of an accumulation of psychic energy--a sort of stoppage of sexual or aggressive drives, bottled up by repression.

Today, psychoanalysts have a more comprehensive view of anxiety and in treatment, endeavor to precisely define the source of the anxiety is it triggered by separation, by exposure, by fear of humiliation, by fear of success, etc. Is there an unconscious conflict triggering the anxiety?

In all these conditions, the person responds physiologically and psychologically as if under a severe threat, even though they usually are aware rationally that they are not in actual danger.

Personalized Cognitive Training in Unipolar and Bipolar Disorder: A Study of Cognitive Functioning

A combination of psychoanalytic treatment with other treatment modalities such as behavior modification and medication can be extremely effective in serious anxiety disorders. Bipolar disorder is another name for manic-depressive illness, and as the name suggests, it is an illness of opposites. Although sufferers can experience prolonged periods of stability, they also can suffer painful periods of depression or disorganizing periods of "elevated" mood. In more severe cases, psychosis can occur in association with these mood states. Toward one end of the spectrum is hypomania, which can be characterized by feelings of mild euphoria and a pronounced increase in activity and productivity, rapid speech, and increased spending.

Even more extreme on the same end of the mood spectrum is mania, which can lead to a loss of coherent thought, delusions and hallucinations. On the other side of the mood spectrum is depression which is usually marked by listlessness and hopelessness. Severe depression can lead to inability to function, difficulty eating and sleeping, and thoughts of suicide.

Because bipolar disorder is a biological illness, stabilizing medications are essential for treatment. Episodes of depression are characterized by feelings of guilt, social withdrawal, difficulty concentrating, tearfulness and shame, and by physical manifestations such as either having a very poor appetite and difficulty sleeping with accompanying anxiety and agitation, or by eating and sleeping much more than usual, with a sense of having very little energy.

Sometimes upon awakening, a depressed person feels that it is almost impossible to face the day and has a gnawing sense of dread and a feeling of physical heaviness. Psychoanalysts are aware that a propensity to this kind of depression often has genetic and biochemical origins.

10 Ways to Improve Depression and Anxiety without Meds | HuffPost Life

Early problems in mood regulation can negatively impact a child's relationships, personality development and sense of self-regard. Managing symptoms of the disorder typically requires a combination of doctor support, medication, and therapy.

What is Bipolar Disorder? - Manic, psychosis, treatment and therapy psychology with Kati Morton

But there are many changes you can make to your day-to-day life to prevent mood episodes and to decrease their intensity and frequency. Living with bipolar disorder successfully requires a combination of skills. Advocating for yourself, getting educated, and finding the right support network are important beginning key elements to recovery 1.

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Here are some action steps to help you start building and using these skills in your daily life. Stay Connected — The more you isolate yourself, the more you increase the risk of mood changes going unnoticed and jeopardizing your health.

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  4. Lack of connection to others can also put you at risk for a depressive episode. Doctors, counselors, and others can be a part of your support system, and many people find that attending a support group for people with bipolar disorder can be invaluable. Staying engaged with friends, family, and members of your community can also play an important role in keeping you energized and providing support. Share your questions and concerns with your doctor or psychiatrist, and ask them what resources they recommend for you to read or gather.

    Understanding the illness can help it feel more manageable and assist you in identifying symptoms before they get worse. Track Symptoms — Many people with bipolar disorder find it useful to keep a daily log of their mood, thinking, and behaviors.